History and Background

GameOps Inc. was established in 2010 by veterans of the Philippines Video Game Publishing Industry, with the goal of utilizing our publishing and live operations experience to provide a higher value and more encompassing type of support.


We are part of a group of companies deeply rooted in traditional industries, but GameOps in particular exists because of our passion for the Video Game Industry. To us, this is more than just a job, more than just a business. Our work is our advocacy.


From our humble beginnings to what we are now,
we have kept this attitude toward our work.

To be proactive, to respectfully and intelligently contribute in every way we can, and to do our best to make the work of our partners easier. And this has been evident in our operations, and favorably recognized by our  many partners-turned-friends over the years.

Our desire to be part of and contribute to the industry has also caused us to reach beyond our own organization, and into public work with the Philippine government and our local private sector at-large.

In 2013, our efforts pioneered our government’s “GameDev Philippines” country initiative, and GameOps remains at the forefront of creating more opportunity for local and foreign game companies to benefit from the unique advantages the Philippines can offer to the global video game industry.



Management Team

Andro BaluyutCEO

Andro Baluyut is the CEO of GameOps Inc., serves as the Philippine Board of Investments’ (BOI) private sector Industry Champion for the country’s Video Game Industry, and is also a board member of the Game Developer Association of the Philippines.

As the government consultant, Andro has led and facilitated the country’s “GameDev Philippines” initiative that capitalizes on the country’s advantages in English proficiency, westernized culture, and labor costs, to turn the Philippines into the ideal destination for video game development.

As a Solutions Provider, he has enabled Customer Support, Game Moderation, Community Management, and Quality Assurance solutions for more than 40 international online games. As a Publisher, he launched and operated more than 15 MMOGs into the Philippine market.


location_map-01-01GameOps Inc. operates 3 office sites that are are all located in PEZA (Philippines Economic Zone Authority) registered IT buildings, ensuring the best quality in physical and network infrastructure to support IT operations. Every site is within less than a kilometer from each other, and are all located in one of the most established business districts of Metro Manila, the Ortigas Center Business District.


Group of Companies

GameOps Inc. is part of a 20+ year-old group of companies with business in traditional construction and distribution. Our group has built several of the premier hotels, condominiums, and office buildings in Manila, and is the country distributor of one of the top international sanitary ware brands.

Client / Partners