GameDev Philippines is a government initiative established in 2013 under the Department of Trade & Industry – Philippine Board of Investments (DTI-BOI) and the Senate of the Philippines to advance the local Video Game Industry.

The natural pool of talent and culturally adaptable human resources in the Philippines positions the county as the most value-for-money destination for investments in the Asia region. With specific focus on the Video Game Industry, capitalizing on the country’s strengths in English, cultural affinity with the US, labor costs, and artistry, programming, and engineering, the Philippines is poised to become one of the premier international hubs for game development and game-related services.

Its first major milestone, GameDev Philippines was critical to the deployment of the Ubisoft Philippines studio in 2016.

GameOps Inc. CEO Andro Baluyut serves as the government’s Sector Industry Champion for the Philippine Video Game Industry, collaborating with government agencies, international developers and publishers, and the private sector to promote and advance the industry.

Our Major Clients / Partners

Many of the top developers and publishers in the world have work in support, art, and development done in the Philippines.